SOS Dan Buoy - Man Overboard Rescue


The SOS Dan Buoy is patented, man overboard equipment, ready for instant deployment. The ultra fast and reliable self-righting properties ensure that just when time matters most, the SOS Dan Buoy is always ready.

It increases vital visibility and buoyancy for the person overboard. The SOS Dan Buoy system is compact, easy to use and very visible. It folds away in a easily stowed carry bag.
SOS Dan Buoy is a compact, self contained device, specially designed to make rescue and recovery a simpler operation. There is no need to set or activate the SOS Dan Buoy just throw it into the water, towards the person overboard.

Throw the SOS Dan Buoy into the water and within seconds of immersion, it inflates, and stands 2.0 metres above the waterline, highly visible up to 1,700 metres. (Figure 1 & 2)

SOS Dan Buoy has webbing loops, allowing the person to put their arms around the marker to help support them when fatigued. This gives extra support and security while awaiting rescue. (Figure 3)

Delivery: approx 3 working days

Additional Info: 

Delivery Approximately 3 Days