Binnacle Compass Olympic135 White & Red

$445.95 AUD

The Plastimo Olympic 135 compasses are suitable for sailing boats of 9 metres+ length.
They have a large 130mm diameter card with stylish design and unique telescoping protective hood. Designed for yacht pedestal mounting - flush mount in pedestal or complete with white plastic binnacle.
- Flat 130mm apparent card diameter
- Pedestal mounting, with or without white binnacle
- Optional stainless steel binnacle. Binnacles can be fitted, or retrofitted to flush mount compasses
- Optional watertight flush mounting kit
- 3 lubber lines, at 45 degrees
- Dual 12v lighting included
- Telescoping protective sun hood
- Tunnel rod compensators included as standard
- 5 year limited warranty
- SOLAS-MED 96/98 approved
- Balanced for Zone C - Australia and South Pacific

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