Kuuma 24 Litre Marine Side Mount Hot Water Heater

$565.00 AUD

Kuuma (formerly branded Force 10 Marine)
Marine Storage Water Heater - 24 litre (6 Gallon)
Efficient, Versatile, Reliable and very Safe.
Side Mounting Tabs
All Force 10 Marine Water Heaters come standard with
240 Volt Electric elements and High performance Heat
Exchange capabilities.
Marine/RV Storage Water Heater - 24 litre (6 Gallon) with side mountings.
These marine hot water systems are designed for use in boats, and are also installed in many motor homes, RV's and transport trucks.
They heat water by:
- circulating engine cooling water through a heat exchanger
- a 240 or 120 Volt AC electric element
The two systems can be used independantly or together to heat water.
- 1500 Watt AC element (240 Volt standard, also available in 110v on request)
- 240 Volts
- Large Heat Exchanger
- TIG welded aluminium tank and casing
- Side mountings
Marine Water Heater - 24 litre (6 Gallon) storage capacity - 240 Volt Electric and high performance Heat Exchange capabilities.
* Not recommended for use with raw/salt water in the engine heat exchange circuit as this will shorten the life of your water heater.
Tested and certified to the latest Australian standard
AS/NZS 60335.2.21-2002 - ESO Approval No. Q080349
UL & CE certified including the marine supplement - ignition protected
Installed by:
Azzurra, Beneteau, Campion, Chris craft, Crownline, Doral, Donzi, Hunt, Hunter, Leopard, Nordic tug, Mustang, Princecraft, Sabre
Direct replacement for most Seaward, & Atwood Marine Water heaters.

Additional Info: 

Model: 40610
Capacity: 6 Gallons (24 litres)
Case Material: Aluminium
Voltage: 230 Volt AC 1500Watts
Heat Exchanger Position: front
Mount Postion: Sides
Length: 495mm
Width: 394mm
Height: 346mm
Dry Weight: 15kg

Also available with Front/Back mounting Tabs = Model 40611

Model 40611

Mount Postion: Front/Back
Length: 508 mm
Width: 346 mm
Height: 346 mm